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Working at Esprit Scholen

Esprit Scholen

Esprit Scholen is an Amsterdam concept. Esprit is committed to multicultural, dynamic and international education. We see it as our mission to provide high-quality education in an optimal learning environment. The fourteen schools that comprise Esprit offer a varied curriculum for both primary and secondary education. For secondary education, students can choose from the following: practical training, VMBO to grammar schools, international education and bilingual HAVO and VWO. Our schools contribute significantly to students' development and personality growth so that they are prepared, for example, to participate in society in order to learn and practise a profession. This is how students become full-fledged citizens who can function well in society. Above all, the students develop into unique individuals who can make their own choices.

At Esprit Scholen, there are many different people working in a variety of positions. You can work as a teacher as well as teaching support staff. Ultimately, everyone is (directly or indirectly) engaged in educating our students.

Esprit Scholen Education Manifesto